Functionality and flexibility combined with trust and quality are the ideals that characterise our family business. Our values have been passed from generation to generation and are an important aspect of RESSENIG-DNS

From a wagon forge to HGV construction

Dominicus Ressenig laid the foundation stone for RESSENIG Fahrzeugbau by establishing a blacksmith’s workshop in Villach specialising in horseshoes and wagons.
After being passed on to the second generation, the company later expanded to offer agricultural machinery maintenance.

The blacksmith’s workshop was still located on the ground floor of the family home.

RESSENIG’s first wooden vehicle marked the company’s first steps into HGV vehicle construction. As a representative of the third generation, Josef Ressenig established the main pillar of the company.

1972 – 1979
The company was expanded further. RESSENIG manufactured everything, from dumper trucks with cranes to wooden vehicles and waste glass transporters.

The blacksmith’s shop was expanded, and an additional hall was added.
The company location in Villach was continuously growing, the number of employees rose from just two at the beginning to more than 50 by the end of the 80s.

The company headquarters in Villach was steadily expanded and new jobs were created.

The Styrian site in Kobenz was opened specialising in forestry superstructures.

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