At RESSENIG we recognised quite early that in addition to competent employees, speed, service and individual production are absolutely essential to satisfy our customers.

Customer orientated industry leaders in both Southern and Eastern Austria

We develop the optimal solution for any requirement and offer accessibility and fast service from Monday to Saturday. This is possible, among other things, due to our production facilities and complete in-house production in an area of over 15,000 m² as well as thanks to our extensive materials warehouse. This warehouse helps us to respond independently, rapidly and flexibly to production requests and need for repairs. This has made us the market leader in the truck bodies sector in southern and eastern Austria.

Quality is assured all along the line, from the supplier to production and delivery. Our production department is the pivotal element at RESSENIG. The preparatory works of all departments are professionally brought together and produced in the workshops to yield innovative products according to customer request. It does not matter whether it involves individual or serial productions.