Research & Development

We only rely on the best, that’s why we implement all of our research, development and construction activities in-house. That makes us flexible and optimally responsive. Our highly qualified team pools their collective knowledge from the most varied sectors for this purpose.

We only trust in the best

Reliable expertise and the best training are cornerstones of our company. We have over 120 employees, all of whom are reliable guarantors for certified quality work ranging from constructive research to development as well as professional production and sales.


We design our products according to the latest state of knowledge and with CAD support. As a result, we guarantee that specific requirements as well as important standards can be taken into consideration and incorporated.

Quality Management

RESSENIG has been certified according to quality standard ISO 9001 since 1998. This encompasses both of our business divisions, vehicle construction and the armouring sector.

The certification ensures that all construction, production and organisational processes are completely documented, whereby the historical origin of any RESSENIG product can be retraced. So we fulfill all conditions in order to be able to cooperate with internationally active companies.


Safety and optimisation of efficiency are, first and foremost, the central concepts which our research department addresses. In an environment in which materials as well as the requirements in terms of equipment develop very rapidly, the ability to respond quickly is a must. This is the basis for rapid and perfect solutions.